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Super B12 Injections

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Medical Weight Loss

Summer Specials (limited basis)

Desert Rejuvenation Clinic is offering a special to help you fit into your old suit or maybe this year you will be wearing a bikini. Dr. Alexandros and DRC has many different programs plus if you bring a friend you will both receive a free gift to help you get started losing weight the first week and it’s not water weight loss.

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The Wellness Stem Cell Procedure

Our “Wellness Stem Cell” procedure is one of the most popular therapies to come along in years! Based on the patented Wharton’s Jelly Stem Cell Therapy, we treat the whole body and do not concentrate on one thing like orthopedic doctors that only treat the spine or joints. This specialized therapy has demonstrated consistently better overall results, letting the cells go where they are needed. Find out more and book your stem cell therapy today:

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About Me

My prescription pads last forever since I usually am able to find a natural source to help my patients. THIS is what an Integrative Physician is Supposed to do.
I have studied for over 40 years many different diseases and the MOST NATURAL manner to treat them. Being both a doctor of naturopathic medicine (NMD) and a Medical Doctor (MD) working in multiple countries, I have a complete array of services to help you live your most beautiful and healthy life at ANY age.


What They Say

Renee King from Newport Beach

” I did some research as i am also an RN and made an appointment with Dr. Sophia.. Wow, when I arrived, I was so happy and impressed at how knowledgable she was. From the first ten minutes, I felt like I had known her all my life. She was professional, Personable and really did an excellent job on my face doing an IPL procedure. I went back two weeks later for the second appointment and I really just cannot say how much I LOVED the treatment. The results are amazing! She is so Kind, Warm and Generous. She really listens and has such a vast array of knowledge! I love how she is really into holistic treatments and does so many types of Infusions. She knows a lot about hormone replacement therapy and and Stem Cell therapy! This is really a ONE STOP SHOP! “

Breanne from Palm Springs

“I purchased a package of 6 laser hair removal treatments on Groupon. Very reasonably priced. The young woman performing the treatments is shy but sweet. Noticed results immediately after first treatment. Greatful for trying this and intend to do more.
Also, after consulting with doctor/owner. She is creating a path to help bring balance to my thyroid homeopathicaly. Which is my preferred method of treatment. She was polite, kind and has many years of experience.”

L.C from Monterey Park

“My association w doctor Sophia goes back 7 years. In that time she has done wonders, first for a redfish skin breakout on my arms that believe it or not was treated really effectively by the doctor using homeopathy. I never expected a real MD like Dr. Alexandros to give that much credence but it turned out very well and my annoying red hives disappeared. When it comes to allergies and laser therapies, Dr. Alexandros is absolutely my go-to expert in the desert.”

John from Canada

“During my recent visit to the states. I was lucky enough to learn from a friend about this new hormone balancing technique. Thank you Dr. Alexandros! I feel 10 years younger doing this program. I highly recommend it to all men on their 50’s and above.”

Thomas from New York City

“Being from New York, where the weather is so harsh, I had no idea how bad my skin really was. I had an amazing consult with the doctor and she made me feel unashamed to be a man in my 60’s and getting both Hair replacement therapy as well as getting rid of the parasites that were basically ruining my life.. I had no idea that those ugly things were inside of me. She put me on some easy to follow holistic herbal remedies and had two IV infusions and I can’t even begin to tell you how good I feel. My eyes are whiter, the yellow is gone, my stomach is getting flatter and my wife tells me how my skin is now so much more youthful.. thank you so much Dr. S!”

Melissa from Rancho Mirage

“At first I felt I might be too young as I am only in my 20’s, but I suffered such bad cramping and PMS. When I went to see Dr. S, she did an hour long consultation with so many questions.. but she was very thorough. Doctors don’t do that as far as I have seen. Anyway, she has given me an amazing regime to follow and after just two months, the pain is literally gone. I am now getting treatments for my acne which after one treatment is already 50% better. I feel so lucky to be getting all her years of experience and with only one doctor vs. going to three doctors for the price of one. I am getting my life together here in many categories and have even more energy. I now know what NOT to do as I get older to not be in the situation I see so many older people in. Thank you Dr. S.. You felt like the mom I never had.”