Hello from Dr. Alexandros,  

 I hope this email finds you in good health, and that is what this message is about. 

There have been many changes in our clinic since you or a family member were here.  In this time of panic, and misinformation about the COVID-19.  We decided to do our part to help our patients, their family and friends.  We are not doing this for a profit but at just above our cost. 

We are considered the top clinic offering a healthy way to protect you from this virus.  As many of you know, I prefer to heal my patients with natural methods when possible. We have a complete anti-virus program which consists of a Wellness injection, 3 different formulas in drop form and I will help you decided which is best for you.  

 We also offer IV therapy which will help with your hydration and also high dose Vitamins and minerals.  This is one of the major problems we find in patients 75%  of people are dehydrated and don’t even know it! In this day of toxic soil and low grade products, we ALL need  Supplements to help our Immune System.  If your immune system is healthy you stand a better chance of breezing through this epidemic. 

We offer a high dose Vitamin C push followed by a Glutathione Push for those that don’t want to sit for several hours for an IV Drip Therapy. When you come in we will give you a paper written by Dr. Alexandros concerning and explaining how Glutathione functions in your body and a list of suggestions for “The Best and Safest Way to Survive This New age of High Flu/Viral times”.   There is so much misinformation out there confusing everyone, we will give you the truth as we know it. An IMPORTANT TIP:  keep hydrated drink or sip water every 15 minutes or when your mouth or throat feel dry.  This is very important, and I will explain everything when you come in. 

If you live too far away or just don’t want to leave your house, call and speak with Dr. Alexandros so she can decide which is best for you.  We will ship your medication at a small fee, whatever the post office charges us.  It will behoove you to come to our clinic because the Wellness Injection is a must for everyone

Feel free to show this email or make copies for your friends, we want to help as many people as possible. 

Please call 760-636-1991 and make an appointment.  Do not be surprised if a staff member greets you at the door with a thermometer.  We check everyone that enters even the Fed Ex or UPS drivers.  Our clinic is clean and disinfected, so you are safe here, 

May God Bless you and protect you.  We will do the rest. 


Yours in health 

Dr. Alexandros