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Meridian Assessment Extensive testing for Parasites
*nine out of ten Americans have tiny worm-like parasites crawling inside of their bodies at this moment. If you have any of the following warning signs YOU may be infected too. 
  • Low Energy
  • Feeling Sick, Queasy or bloated after meals
  • Itchy skin-particularly at night
  • There are many other signs and symptoms. Discover what they are and how to eliminate parasites NATURALLY. Book your appointment to have an in-depth Analysis  of exactly Which parasites you are harboring and the proper treatment. Download your FREE pdf now 

MSA: Meridian —- assessment : how: uses Bio Meridian energy medicine; we go to a meridian which is a long-known acupuncture point, and we test it. This highly advanced device is able to discern between parasites. It breaks down different medical conditions such as dental, cardio, pets, bacteria, viruses and allergies. The test takes (for parasites) usually a couple of hours. You will then be given homeopathic medicine depending on what your body needs. We ONLY use homeopathic pharmacies, everything is custom designed for your particular health condition.

IV Infusions

The next time you feel a cold or perhaps a flu coming on, call us first before you take an antibiotic or have a flu shot which will NOT relieve your symptoms and you may experience many side effects.

IV Multi-nutrient formulas can be customized to meet the needs of each person to treat a number of maladies including but not limited to:
  1. Allergies
  2. Anti-Hypertension
  3. Anti-Viral
  4. Cardiovascular
  5. Depression
  6. Influenza
  7. Fibromyalgia
  8. Hormone Imbalances
  9. Neuropathy
  10. Myers Cocktail
  11. PMS
  12. Poor Immune Systems
  13. Post Radiation & Chemotherapy
  14. Urinary Bladder Infections and UTI”s

Acne Treatments

Options In Solving Your Acne Problems | PRP Treatments | Microneedling| Laser Skin Treatments 

Laser Hair Removal

by Venus Versa

Venus Versa™ uses cutting-edge technology to offer non-surgical solutions for today’s most in-demand aesthetic concerns, including unwanted hair.



-OptiPolar (for the belly)

-Diamond Polar (Venus Versa the most advanced available)

Weight Control

Dr. Alexandros specializes in customized diet programs and medically
supervised HCG. She is the leading authority in the Desert cities in developing the latest procedures.

PRP Hair Restoration

Dr. Alexandros is a recognized specialist with years of experience in administering effective PRP treatments for hair loss in men and women. 

Skin Procedures

Desert Rejuvenation Clinic uses Venus Versa lasers for 

IPL, skin tightening, hair removal and acne treatments.



(hormone replacement therapy)


Wrinkle Reduction


Hormone Testing and Balancing




Body Contouring


Stem Cell Therapy


Homeopathic Medicine


B12 and B complex injections


Herbs and Bio Medical Creams




All IPL applicators include innovative SmartPulse™ technology to ensure precise and consistent energy delivery through advanced pulse optimization